Boat Docks

When choosing a dock there are several factors to consider including your boating location, the kind and size of boat you have and your personal preferences.   If you're in a winter cold weather climate your dock will likely have to be removed each winter and stored.  For these applications a standing dock or sectional dock is the common choice mainly because it comes in 8 foot sections and stores outdoors on the side of your house, garage or shed. 


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Here we'll cover and compare the different types of docks that you can choose from and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can select the best type of dock that's right for you and your boating needs.

There are mainly 3 types of boat docks to consider as follows.

1. Standing Docks

These generally come in two styles either wooden or aluminum.  Wooden sectional docks can be bought or built yourself.  These are the most economical docks to install.  The advantages of wooden standing docks is they're strong against rough waters and they store well, meaning they stack neatly and they cost less.  The disadvantage is they're heavy.    The other type of standing dock is the aluminum standing docks.  They too have the advantage of being strong against rough or choppy waters, they store well and they're much lighter than the wooden standing docks.   However,  they're more expensive than the wooden standing docks.

2. Floating Sectional Docks

These type of sectional docks come in preformed or premolded plastic blocks and in two basic colors -grey and black.   The big advantage to these types of docks is their configurability.  You can make just about any dock shape you wish and change it almost any time you like.  In addition,  they're light weight and easy to handle and if you live in a more southern location that doesn't freeze, you can keep them in the water year round.  The down side of these types of docks is that they are not very well resistant to rough waters .  They're better suited to calmer inlets or bay areas.  In addition, they they take up more storage space if you have to remove them in the winter.  And lastly,  from a asthetics standpoint,  they are not as appealing in appearance as compared to the standing wooden or aluminum docks.

3. Drive On Docks

These type of docks are similar to the plastic sectional docks, but they have V-Shaped drive on platform to allow Jet Skiis and small Fiberglass V-Hull shaped Boats to drive on.  These are very convienent for boaters with personal watercraft or smaller watercraft.   But the disadvantages are similar to the plastic sectional docks in terms of storing ease and not to resistant to choppy or rough waters. They're only appropriate for very calm waters such as inlets or coves that are protected from the winds and rough waters. 


We'll this should help you to choose the right type of dock for your boating needs.  You have several types to choose from and the one you pick will set the stage for docking and launching your boat for years to come.