Boating Gifts - Great Gifts for Boaters 

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There's many categories of great boating gifts like; boat wear, boating sunglasses, marine electronics like fishfinders, depth finders, marine sonar, marine radio,  boat lighting and boat lighting accessories and more.

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Alkaline Water Ionizers

Our bodies are mostly water and we need to drink several glasses a day to stay healthy.  Bottled water is acidic due to the purification process used.  Acidic is not good, it's corrosive.  Alkaline water / micro-clustered water is super hydrating and helps the body to maintain a higher pH level.   It also helps to flush out toxins in the body better than tap water or bottled water and eliminate free radicals (disease causing) elements in the body.  Check out these Great Deals as Boating Gifts for Christmas which is coming soon!