Fishing Boats

Millions of people all over the world love to fish. Our waters and fishing boats are  greatest resources  for both pleasure and business. People not only make their lives living off the sea and water but also enjoy some of their most happiest times fishing.  Fresh air, sunshine, friends and being on the water has a magical feeling to it.   A way of breaking free from the bonds on dry ground - car, house, job, taxes, phones, etc.   But on the water - fishing, you can be free.   And a Fishing Boat is just the thing to get you there.

Deciding what kind of fishing boat  is right for you is another matter.  But here we have all types of fishing boats for you to choose from.   Here,  from some of the more prominent fishing boat manufacturers are Flats Fishing Boats, boats by  Boston Whaler and Key West Fishing Boats.   


Flats offers 3 versions - their 17 foot, a 19 foot and 21 foot. Extremely adept in shallow water and designed to ride above the waves.  Key features include center console design, unsinkable design, level flotation, 2 marine ice coolers, large storage compartment and more.


Boston Whaler offers several different versions and sizes from their Super Sport Boats that range from 11 feet to 17 to the 37 foot Outrage.  And as always Boston Whaler fishing boats carry the Unsinkable Guarantee.


Key West offers 5 Main Models-  Bay Reef, Center Console, Dual Consoles, Skiffs, Bay Reefs and Walk Arounds, ranging from 17 feet to 29 feet in length.  If you're looking for high level, quality Fishing Boat,  then Key West is the one for you.  


















Fishing boats come in all shapes and sizes and each with different amenities like live wells,  storage for fishing poles and tackle, seating styles and arrangements, electronics like GPS navigation and fish finders and so on.  Deciding what type of fishing boat you need depends on the type of fishing you want to do and where you plan to fish.  Obviously, if you're fishing on small inland lakes, a fishing boat that's 10 to 20 feet in length is large enough and there's many types and styles to choose from.   If you're fishing in shallow waters, then a flat bottom boat is your best choice for ease of manuverability. Tracker boats are extremely well suited and very versitle. Lowe and Fisher also make flat bottom boats,  also called Jons.

But if you're fishing in larger and deeper waters,  then V-type hull fishing boat is a better choice.   It's about stability and handling rougher water.  Again there are many versions like open bow, center console, flybridge and more.

But if you're not sure exactly what brand of fishing boat you want,  you can search here by size.