Boat Maintenance Tips

Your boat is one of your most prized possessions and quite possibly one of your most expensive ones as well.  Whether it's a fishing boat, a ski boat, pontoon boat a cuddy cabin or cruiser taking care of your boat in terms of maintenance is very very important.  Ifyou want to keep it looking good and running great several things need to maintained in order to do that.

Here will cover the several topics on boat maintenance including overall maintenance and proper cleaning for your boat carpet, bimini canvas tops and covers, boat seat and hull.   In addition to cleaning, there's engine maintenance, propeller maintenance, battery maintenance and even trailer maintenance.

Proper boat maintenance requires using the right products and parts for your boat cleaning and repair. Make sure you use the right   For your engine, boat lights, mechanical parts, trailer and more.   


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When the boating season is over,  it's time to clean things up a bit.   This saves a bunch of time before you need to close up the boat or store it for winter.   Check here for some great deals on boat cleaning items and boat carpet cleaning products.

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